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Chronos Group is an innovative business created to offer highly technological services to the global business and education communities. At present, Chronos Group spaces cover Europe (Cyprus), Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China. Chronos Group services include advisory, trade, education, shared offices, art and leisure. Founded in 2016 Chronos Group possesses a high-quality professional management team. Passion for creativity and innovation drives all Chronos Group activities.


Chronos VCN Commerce Ltd is a trading company based in Cyprus with offices in Guangzhou in China and in Hong Kong. With a strong network in China and Cyprus its trading activity includes a wide variety of product categories including technology, home, office, food etc.

Its key and exclusive partnerships allow Chronos VCN Commerce Ltd to offer quality products at competitive prices and delivery time.

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Chronos Education is a professional organization which focuses on overseas training and study tours for students and professionals based on innovative experience combining diverse culture and advanced concepts.

The company has its headquarters in Guangzhou of China and liaison offices in United Kingdom, Cyprus and Hong Kong.

Chronos Education offers a variety of courses through its strategic partner resources and professional institutions in Cyprus.

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By virtue of its superior geographical location and business resources, Chronos V provides serviced office leasing, incubator (TMT industry), maker space, conference center, cloud office and other services.

At present, with its business covering Europe (Cyprus), Hong Kong and Guangdong China (Guangzhou), Chronos V provides settled enterprises with services including developing business social platform, integrating online and offline space resources, and creating an efficient business office community.

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Chronos Group processes personal data, including but not limited to, name, gender, address, language, applicant’s education, job history, special categories of data and other relevant information, collected from the curriculum vitae (CV) or other document provided by the applicant for the purposes of examining the application of recruitment. The personal data are only being processed for recruitment purposes and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Cyprus Data Protection LAW 125(I)2018. We will only permit authorized personnel to have access to these data only for the purposes explained herein. The personal data of non-successful applicants will be retained for only 12 months from the data of their application, in order to examine these specific applicants when assessing future job opportunities for which they may be suitable. For more information about how we process personal data please contact us at [email protected]